Young-Ho Ahn
Professor in Environmental Engineering and Science
Director in Disasters Prevention Research Institute Yeungnam University

Youngho Ahn is interested in the environmental engineering and science needed for water, renewable energy, and sustainability. His research focus is Water-Energy-Biotech-Nanocomposite nexus Environmental Technology for achieving a sustainable environmental infrastructure. Ahn and his coworkers have developed advanced bioenergy harvesting processes- elutriated and leaching phased anaerobic system for organic acid, biohydrogen and methane production; a method for nitrogen removal using lithoautotrophic ammonium oxidation; and a two-phased process for reductive dechlorination of chloroethene. Current research projects include an application of nanocomposite membrane to environmental technology; phage therapy for biofilm and superbacteria; biogas (bioH2, CH4) and bioelectricity harvesting using microbial electrochemical technologies; and reductive dechlorination from groundwater contaminated by chloroethene and nitrate. Ahn is a member of the International Water Association, the Water Environment Foundation, the Korean Society of Civil Engineers, and the Korean Society of Water Quality. He was a visiting professor at Vanderbilt University, PennState University, and Ecole Polytechnique Montreal.  Link to CV

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Environmental Engineering Laboratory, Department of Civil Engineering, Yeungnam University 280 Daehak-ro, Gyeongsan, Gyeongbuk 38541, Korea (South)

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