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Ahn Young-Ho, Ph.D

Professor in Environmental Science and Engineering

Senior Fellow, Institute of Industrial Technology Yeungnam University

Department of Civil Engineering

Yeungnam University

Gyeongsan, 38541,Republic of Korea

E-mail: yhahn@ynu.ac.kr

Phone) +82-53-810-3511; Fax) +82-53-810-4622





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Dr. Ahn Young-Ho has a PhD from Kyungpook National University (KNU, 1995) Korea, in Civil Engineering and postdoctoral research from Vanderbilt University (VU, 2000), USA. He was a visiting professor at PennState University(PSU, 2007-2009), USA and Ecole Polytechnique Montreal (EPM, 2006), Canada. He teaches undergraduate and postgraduate students of Environmental Engineering and Water and Wastewater Engineering. He is interested in the environmental technologies needed for water pollution control, green renewable energy, and sustainability. The research focus of the Ahn’s group is Water-Energy-Biotech-Nano nexus Environmental Technology (WEBNET) to achieve a sustainable environmental infrastructure.

(From left: Sarker MAR, Qazi H, Ashraf Y, Durai M, Itagi M, Ishaque F, Chauhan D, Ahn YH,
Singh R, Naik G, Das S, Mukherjee A, Anam G, Qamar O, Ayyaru S, Manoharan R)



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